SPMK991T Automatic Pressure Calibration Bench

Auto pressure generation, dynamic balance tech, Instant pressure stabilization without leakage;
High-precision pressure regulating valve;
Three instruments can be tested at one time;
Safe, reliable, solid and durable;
Small noise and easy to operate.

Product Overview

SPMK991T series intelligent pressure source system mainly includes 3 types: SPMK991T/Vacuum (-95-0) kpa; Pneumatic (0-40) bar; Hydraulic (0-700) bar, which can provide stable pressure automatically during the pressure calibration process. It is widely used in calibrating pressure (differential pressure) transmitters, precision (ordinary) pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, electrical contact pressure gauges and other pressure instruments.

SPMK991T Pressure Source System is an ideal instrument for pressure measurement and calibration, which can be widely used in calibration laboratories of petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, national defense, measurement and instrument manufacturing industries.


Technical Datasheet

SPMK991T/Vacuum  -95-0 kpa Frequency     (50±2)Hz
SPMK991T / Pneumatic 0-40 bar System power 800W
SPMK991T / Hydraulic 0-700 bar  Dimension (1050x700x620)mm
Working Temperature (5~35)℃ Weight  45-65kg
AC power  220V±10%
Reliable grounding required; resistance should be less than 50Ω.
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