Automatic Pressure Calibrator SPMK221G

SPMK221G automatic pressure calibrator includes pressure generation, pressure measurement, electrical signal measurement and output, and HART communication functions. It is suitable for the calibration of on-site pressure instruments. SPMK221G adopts full intelligent control, which can quickly and accurately output the set pressure. SPMK221G has made a special treatment for the convenience and practicability of the instrument interface, which can help the staff to efficiently, high-quality and safely complete the rapid calibration of pointer instruments, pressure transmitters, pressure switches and other instruments. The HART function can be used to complete the calibration of the smart pressure transmitter.

Main Features
1.Built-in automatic pressure generating source;
2.Built-in rechargeable battery;
3.Box-type instrument, easy to carry;;
5.4.Support the calibration of HART intelligent instruments; it can be connected with SDP modular intelligent digital pressure calibrator;
6.Friendly user interface, icon management menu, graphic help interface, AC and DC available;
7.RS232 communication interface with optional baud rate.


Technical Parameter
1.Pressure control fluctuation: 0.005%FS
2.Display screen: 5.6 x LCD Screen(640×480;4/5/6 digit display optional
3.Environment for usage
 Ambient temperature:(0~50)℃,  Storage humidity: <90%, Atmospheric pressure:(86~106)kPa.
4.Pressure port: M20×1.5 F,  1/4NPT F,  1/4BSP F,  1/2NPT F,  1/2BSP F.    2 ports.
5.Dimension: (385×298×196)mm;  Weight: 11kg(Pneumatic)



    Range Resolution Accuracy
Voltage measurement (-30~30)V 0.1mV ±(0.01%RD+0.005%FS)
Current measurement (-30~30)mV 0.1μA ±(0.01%RD+0.005%FS)
On-off detection If the switch has the inspection voltage, the voltage range is(3.0~24.0)V
Current output (0~22)mV  1μA  
DC24V DC24V,Maximum load capacity 50mA

Note:temperature(20±5)℃,one year stability



Pressure Range (-0.09~2.5)MPa
Inner Module 1 (0~2.5)MPa
Inner Module 2 (-90~250)kPa
Data Storage
Pressure switch detection
mA/V measure
(0~22)mA output 
Temperature compensation
External pressure module


①Temperature compensation range(-10~50)℃,1year accuracy;
②Inner pressure module is customizable, refer to the following《Pressure Range Select Table》.


Pressure Range Select Table for Inner Pressure Module

Range Accuracy Pneumatic type (2.5MPa)
(-100~160)kPa  0.02/0.05  ★
(-100~250)kPa 0.02/0.05
(-100~400)kPa 0.02/0.05
(-100~600)kPa 0.02/0.05
(0~1)MPa   0.02/0.05
(0~1.6)MPa 0.02/0.05  ★
(0~2.5)MPa 0.02/0.05


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